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Why chose Dr Nichola Maasdorp

Nichola really understands how ageing can affect a person. All of us see and experience those changes but may not know how to manage them. Nichola feels that managing those changes correctly can keep us looking and feeling good whatever our individual needs are.

Nichola has been practicing for over 22 years as a registered dentist and has completed advanced post graduate training in dental implants and facial aesthetics. As a result of her experience in Cosmetic Dentistry, she has specialised knowledge and experience of the anatomy and aesthetic proportions of the face. Nichola feels that in some ways dentistry is an art form which has given her complementary surgical skills and anatomical understanding when performing facial aesthetic procedures. She is experienced in interpersonal patient-clinician relationships, having been responsible for the healthcare needs of her dental patients for over 17 years in Morayshire. Just like your teeth need to be looked after, so does your FACE. Dr Nichola Maasdorp can look after you whatever your needs or budget.

The Clinic

Our staff receive regular training and attend industry conferences which allows them to understand the ageing process and give you advice and recommendations. We are conveniently located in the heart of Elgin with secure parking available at the rear frontage of the house. The clinic allows a discrete approach to maintain anonymity.
Number 4 clinic is a Health Improvement Scotland registered clinic. This means that we are independently regulated and adhere to the highest standards which means an added layer of reassurance for our patients.

This exclusive kite mark ensures that:

The person treating you:

  • Is who they say they are
  • The qualifications they claim are genuine and relevant
  • The training they have received is appropriate
  • Is insured
  • Is registered with a statutory body

The environment:

  • Complies with Health and Safety Legislation
  • Is clean
  • Has the necessary equipment

The products and equipment used:

  • Are genuine
  • Are appropriately licensed
  • Are evidence based
  • Are sourced from legitimate suppliers
  • Are appropriately stored and maintained

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No 4 Clinic Elgin Nichola Maasdorp

T:+44 (0) 7595221484
E: info@nichola-maasdorp-no4.co.uk

4 Mayne Road Elgin
IV30 1NY