Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Ageing is complex process. Frowns  and crows feet around the eye become deeper with time. These deeper creases can make us look angry, tired and sad without us feeling that way. Botox is a muscle relaxing medication that can soften wrinkles by weakening the force of the contracting muscles. Botox is licensed for many indications. It’s safety speaks for itself as it is used in much higher doses to treat eye conditions, bladder problems, migraines, tooth grinding and muscle spasms. The Botox we use is by Allergan, we use this supplier as they have strict control over their sourcing, storage and delivery in accordance with Medicine regulations. Botox can be used in conjunction with Filler, Radio frequency lifting, thread lifts and skin treatments to enhance the treatment.

Botox Light

A light treatment in an area of your choice. Usually for crows feet around the eye, alternatively chose your light treatment for angry frown lines. Deep lines are softened whilst fine lines disappear like magic.

Botox Full Face

Give the face a lift without surgery whilst keeping it natural. Mostly concerned about your frown lines but would like some reduction in your crows feet? Or maybe its the other way around. The full face treatment can be tailored to your needs. Not sure what would create the best effect? Ask Dr Maasdorp’s advice to get the best result whilst still looking like you, only better!

Botox Max

A treatment that treats the full face whilst by treating neck bands thereby lifting a saggy lower face.

Mini Botox

Micro blebs are used with a specialised injection device. This delivers very natural results and is ideal our first-time Botox patients.


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