Radio Frequency Lift

Radio Frequency Lift

Radio frequency-ENDYMED™ is designed to stimulate natural responses in your skin, so that the results you’ll see will be completely natural looking too. It’s like turning back the clock to reveal more youthful looking, firmer, tighter, smoother, lifted skin. So if the signs of ageing have crept up on you and it’s starting to undermine your confidence, there’ll be an ENDYMED™ treatment to help you tackle your problem areas. All of the treatments have little to no downtime, and produce long-lasting results. You can even combine treatments to help you target different issues at the same time. ENDYMED™ uses the most advanced radio frequency technology, 3DEEP® Skin Science.

Radio frequency TIGHTEN (6 treatments)

Want a little lift but don’t want to go under the knife? If Botox and Filler are not for you, then ENDYMED™ TIGHTEN is the perfect
treatment. Whether you’re concerned about sagging skin on your cheeks, jowls, neck or
around your eyes this clinically proven treatment will deliver natural, long-lasting results that are
truly remarkable!
ENDYMED TIGHTEN™ uses unique technology, 3DEEP® Skin Science, to deliver radiofrequency
energy deep into your skin. The energy heats your skin at the precise point where your collagen
resides, stimulating the collagen that’s already there, and crucially, creating brand new collagen! It’
s this fabulous process that firms, tightens and lifts your skin – and while the full results can take
up to 6 month to develop, you’ll get an immediate lift after each treatment… the perfect pick me up.

Radio frequency FSR (3 treatments)

Clinically proven, ENDYMED™ FSR gives your skin a new lease of life using unique
technology 3DEEP® Skin Science to rejuvenate your skin from the outside in. It does so by using
radiofrequency in two ways simultaneously; controlled micro-resurfacing and dermal heating. While
the micro-resurfacing smoothens fine lines and wrinkles and brightens your complexion, dermal
heating gets to work deeper in the skin encouraging the production of brand new collagen

Radio frequency FSR (1 treatments)

A single treatment of either skin tightening or resurfacing can give you that extra sparkle for a special occasion.


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