Plexr Soft Surgery For Eyes

Plexr Soft Surgery For Eyes

The Plexr pen removes excess tissue by a process called sublimation. This means that eyes can now be treated without surgery. The tip of the Plexr pen is used to treat pinpoints around the eye area. The process removes hooded eye lids and eye bags with less risk and downtime associated with surgery. Can also be used to remove moles and skin tags, treat scars and tattoo removal.

Eye Lift (usually a single treatment)

previously excess tissue like hooded eyes and eye bags could only be removed by risky surgery. The downtime associated with eye lifts is considerable. This treatment delivers near surgery results without the same risks and downtime. The Plexr pen evaporates the excess skin leaving a small sealed wound which can be covered by medical grade makeup so that life can soon return to normal. After 7-14 days the micro scabs exfoliate leaving behind new skin. Make up can be continuously applied until the skin returns to its normal colour.

Mole and skin tag removal

The Plexr pen exfoliates the tags/moles by sublimation. It does all this without leaving a scar behind like a scalpel blade and sutures would.

Scar treatment

Can be used to treat all scars including keloids and acne scars.


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